Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation


Solar Panel Installation

At Create Solar we don’t just have a passion for the solar energy industry, we want to change how things are done. For us that means using a customer-centric approach that goes beyond installing solar panels on your home or business (although we’ll do that, too.). We’ve taken to calling our unique approach the CARS program. And it works.


How Residential Solar Panel Installation Is Changing BC’s Energy Game

Not so long ago, residents of the Okanagan had little in the way of choices when it came to where our energy came from. Fortunately, the rising popularity of more sustainable forms of energy technologies means that not only can we choose to go “greener,” residential options such as comprehensive solar design can also benefit our chequebooks.


At Create Solar, we have had the pleasure of installing solar panels in a variety of residential homes both in Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan. As a result, we’ve witnessed first-hand how residential solar panel installation is empowering people to make cost-effective, environmentally friendly choices that will benefit them long into the future.



Taken from one of the residential solar panel installations we performed recently, these images of a single-family home here in Kelowna will give you a good idea of what to expect from your solar design if you are thinking about introducing solar energy solutions into your home or commercial space.


Homeowners Jamie and Kia Robertson, a local couple who run a successful web design & development company, decided to take the solar energy plunge after careful consideration of the long-term financial benefits. Create Solar performed the solar panel installation in July of 2019 with one bank of solar panels. “I was very happy with the quality of the  installation and their post-installation support has been excellent,” Jamie told us. “My solar production has met my expectations and I now look forward to summer for more reasons than just the warm weather!”


Another recent client, Graham Shivers, had similar feelings after Create Solar performed a solar installation on his Okanagan home. “I love my solar energy,” said Graham. “I charge my car with it and have reduced my bill substantially.”


BC may have a long road ahead before its residents are operating fully on sustainable forms of green energy, but Create Solar is proud to see how our residential solar panel installations are changing BC’s energy game for the better and helping to create greener, more energy-empowered communities along the way.


At Create Solar, we don’t just encourage renewable energy – we create it.

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