Why Solar Power?


Reducing our carbon footprint is something we hear about a lot these days, but what does it really mean?

Your carbon footprint is a term that refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases that you create. Impacted by our lifestyle choices, daily activities, and even our leisure and work habits, the choices we make every day can help to reduce our carbon footprint and in turn, help to offset high levels of greenhouse gases trapped in the earth’s atmosphere.

Solar energy technology does not emit greenhouse gases. Making the switch to solar can help you to reduce your total carbon footprint by decreasing your dependency on electricity generated by fossil fuels. This in turn reduces the amount of pollution in your home or building as well as the community.


Using solar energy can help you to save money in the long run.

Installing solar panels in your home or commercial building can save you money by reducing your overall monthly electricity needs (and the bill that comes with them). Depending on the type of system you choose to install, solar panels can provide you with some, most, or all of the electricity you need. In some cases you may even find that your solar panels generate even more electricity than you consume, resulting in a surplus of electricity.

While your return on investment may take some time, installing solar panels is a cost-effective strategy with long-term financial benefits. At Create Solar, we can provide you with a thorough cost assessment based on your properties type, size and geographic location.


Making the decision to install a solar energy technology in your home can qualify you for rebates and tax breaks.

BC has a variety of solar PV incentive programs that assist and benefit homeowners looking to make the switch to solar energy. The current PST tax exemption program is province-wide and applies to a variety of materials and equipment that are related to solar panels such as collector panels, wiring, and tubing. Likewise, if you own a business you may enjoy federal incentive programs such as the Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) Renewable Energy that provide tax incentives for businesses interested in clean energy projects such as solar energy.

With incentives for solar becoming the norm, solar energy technology has become increasingly affordable; as has the cost of installation and design.


Not only does solar energy save electric energy, it reduces your dependence on the grid; making it both energy-efficient and an empowering choice.

Solar power is a clean energy technology and renewable source of energy. Because it does not rely on fossil fuels, solar power conserves non-renewable energy sources. The right solar energy system can provide your home with enough electricity to cover peak usage hours and even deliver consistent power in the event of a blackout.

In addition, a solar energy system allows you to store energy in its battery. This means independence for you and your home as well as a highly effective and energy-efficient model.


A highly efficient solar energy system can produce more energy than you consume, resulting in a surplus which you may then sell.

BC Hydro offers a net metering program “designed for those who generate electricity for their own use.” A straightforward program, it allows homeowners to both sell their surplus of energy as well as buy energy in the event of a deficit. BC Hydro offers a bill credit towards future electricity use but if a homeowner still has excess credit a year after joining the program the company will pay you per kilowatt hour.

A highly attractive feature of solar energy systems, those who regularly find themselves with a surplus may find it an effective way to earn passive income and speed up their return on investment.


Energy efficient homes and buildings are often more attractive to buyers; driven in large part by an increasing awareness of the environmental benefits of sustainable energy technology.

Many economists and analysts have anticipated significant growth in the renewable energy sector in the coming years. As a result, homeowners may see making the switch to a renewable energy technology like solar an effective way to increase the value of their home or business. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently published a market analysis and forecast from 2018 to 2023 on renewable energy and technologies, Renewables 2018. In it, the IEA reports that “The share of renewables in meeting global energy demand is expected to grow by one-fifth in the next five years to reach 12.4% in 2023. Renewables will have the fastest growth in the electricity sector, providing almost 30% of power demand in 2023, up from 24% in 2017.”

Numbers like this support the decision to install energy-efficient solar technology and provide a tangible idea of how it can increase your home’s value.

At Create Solar we believe the question isn’t why solar, but why not?

Yes, I’m Interested in Solar Energy!

Being a green business is important to us. For starters, it means that we care about our environment and the role we play in it. But being green is more than that. At Create Solar, when we say we’re a green business it also means staying true to our roots; and those roots are planted firmly here in BC. We know how lucky we are to call this beautiful place home and our desire to help preserve BC’s natural habitat is precisely what drove us to work with solar energy. Because being green is a beautiful thing.

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