EV Charging

EV Charging

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

This is a smart time to buy an electric car and a great time to install a charger for it!  Why? Because in BC both BCHydro and FortisBC are currently offering large rebates on the installation of electric vehicle chargers.  Homeowners can claim up to a $700 rebate for a residential charger, apartment/condo buildings and businesses can claim a $4000 rebate per charger up to a maximum of $56,000.

Charger Technology

There are 3 major types of EV charging technology categories, and they are classified as Level 1, 2 and 3.

– Level 1 (L1) charging comes with the vehicle and plugs into a standard household outlet. For 1 hour of charging it adds about 8 km of driving range.

– Level 2 (L2) charging uses a dedicated 240V branch of the electrical service, and can be installed at a home or business by a professional contractor such as Create Solar. Most public charging stations are L2.  For 1 hour of charging it adds about 30 km of driving range.

– Level 3 (L3) charging is also known as DC Fast Charging and is the quickest way to charge an EV. They require a large amount of electrical infrastructure, and can be found in several public locations around the province.  Not every EV can charge at level 3 chargers.


Create Solar EV Charging Solutions

Our team is proud to offer the professional design and installation of Level 2 charging stations for residential and commercial clients.  We work with a range of different manufacturers and can customize your package to best fit the price point and functionality needs you may require.  There are many different standard options available, including:

– Remote monitoring and control via smartphones apps

– Interfacing with existing EV charging networks

– Smart home integration

– Prepackaged charging & billing solutions for condo and commercial operators



Create Solar’s R&D department is also happy to offer the following cutting edge technology integrations available with our packages

– Full solar connectivity with the ability to limit EV charging energy to come exclusively from renewable sources

– Full off-grid solutions with solar panels and batteries for remote cabins

– Bi-directional power flow so your vehicle can power your home in the event of a power outage

– Ability to integrate with all existing solar, wind, fossil fuel generator, and battery backup systems for retrofit installations

When it comes to perfecting renewable energy solutions for fellow Canadians, our team is continually pushing the envelope for what it is possible to Create.  For more information on all of our high-tech developments, please check out our R&D website, create.solar.


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