Solar Water heating

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

Not only is solar energy capable of producing electricity that can help to power your home or commercial space, solar water heating and solar pool heating are becoming common fixtures across the Okanagan as more and more people turn to this technology in place of traditional forms of energy usage.

Solar Thermal Collectors – How They Work

A solar thermal collector is a device that collects heat directly from solar radiation. This could refer to anything from water being pumped through a simple tube exposed to the sun, to commercially produced solar thermal panels available on the market today.


Like traditional solar panels, solar thermal collectors are usually mounted on the roof of your home; though they are almost exclusively used for solar water heating. Currently, these solar collectors are used primarily in residential homes and produce water for personal use or to heat swimming pools. A viable alternative to a water heater, solar thermal collectors can reduce a home’s dependency on the electrical grid and provide substantial savings by reducing energy costs over the long-term.


As a top Solar Engineer for Create Solar, Franzi Tschurtschenthaler, P.Eng., M.A.Sc, had this to say about the future of solar water heating. “As we steadily move away from fossil fuels as a society, heating our buildings and water becomes one of our upcoming technical challenges.” The kind of person who signs off on his emails with “Sunny Regards,” Tschurtschenthaler is as enthusiastic about solar photovoltaics and solar water heating as one can be. “Solar thermal, being durable, cost-effective, and having high energy-conversion efficiency, is the next logical choice for this task.”


At Create Solar, we don’t just encourage renewable energy – we create it.

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